In 2017 Mercedes-Benz will take its presence at the world's largest motor show at the IAA in Frankfurt to the next level. Be prepared for the world premiere of the me Convention, taking place at the Mercedes-Benz Festhalle Frankfurt during the IAA. By applying for Hack.IAA you will literally become an integral part of the convention. So look forward to an exciting conference format in an unique setting where new ways of dialogue, networking, interaction and creation will be explored.


The focus area for the Hack.IAA with Artifical Intelligence and Car-2-X Communication couldn't be more fitting.

Car making isn’t only about the product any longer. It’s becoming a digital service race and long-term success will largely depend on new business models.
Gone are the days when machines were a collection of gearheads, needing to be steered by a human to do one explicit task. Today machines can support us by predicting what we need, instead asking us what to do.
Data from Car-2-X Communication and the rise of Artificial Intelligence could result in apps, add-on services or digital service platforms that relate to the connected car and its digital eco-system.
Where is the journey going? What benefit can you create for the driver, the passenger or the entire society?











Who can apply?

As long as you are a student you are eligible to participate. Given this hack-challenge we are predominantly looking for students with background in IT, engineering, UX design or similar.

How do teams work?

Sign up as existing teams of up to five team members. If you don’t have a team now, don’t worry. The DigitalLife Campus Forum helps you to connect with potential team mates.

What to win?

The winning ideas will be invited to join us this November for “the largest tech conference in the world”, the Web Summit in Lisbon. Of course, we’ve also got some other treats ready for you. Wait for it!

What about hardware?

To bring your creative ideas into reality we provide you with some of the latest hardware and technology. The on-site MakerSpace offers further tools and equipment to unleash creativity and help your idea come to life. 

What about some help & mentoring?

We support you 24/7. During the whole event, the DigitalLife-Team as well as a team of dedicated Daimler experts and mentors will be on your side to evaluate and challenge your ideas.

What to bring?

Bring your laptop along with you. Feel free to bring your own pillows, sleeping pads or headphones for relaxation and some quiet time.

What else you need to know?

We've got you covered. We will provide you with tickets for the three-day me Convention, accommodation and will reimburse your travel expenses (2nd class train ticket) and catering during the event. At the venue we’ll have a cozy chill out room with bean bags and sofas ready for you.









On September 15/16 you will be hacking at the world's largest motor show, at the heart of the Mercedes-Benz exhibition stand at the IAA Frankfurt whilst being on part of the me Convention.


We are looking forward to welcoming you soon at:

67th IAA Cars | Mercedes-Benz Festival Hall |  Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1 | 60327 Frankfurt am Main | Germany









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To apply for Hack.IAA @ me Convention on September 15/16 2017, please enter your information in the form below. For creating our selection, we are curious to learn about your initial ideas and the possible development path of your hack. If you are still aligning your thoughts – this is fine as well, creativity cannot be timed!

If you have a team already, please enter the names and contact details of your team members (up to five persons including you) as well. For individual applicants, we provide an exclusive community. In the DigitalLife Campus Forum you can connect with other participants, find potential team mates and share inspiration with the organizing team.

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The application deadline is: Monday, 31 July 2017.

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