Hacking C.A.S.E in India


CASE - Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric: Each of these has the power to turn entire automotive industry upside down. And what does this mean for Hack.Bangalore? Endless coding, sleepless night, passionate mentors and 50 “hackers” equals to creative solutions. 11  teams from India’s leading universities developed digital prototypes associated with CASE, all within 24 hours.



Winning Teams

1st Prize

The winning team “V1” developed a Pedestrian Detection System which works based on Infrared (IR). The highlight of the idea was the fact that it can be used during the day. This differentiates it from other such systems which mainly work during the night.

2nd Prize

Team “DriveAutonomous” won the second prize for their idea of Economical Hardware Upgrade Kit for Autonomous Driving. With autonomous cars set to become very popular in the coming years, the idea could prove to be very useful in developing markets such as India.

3rd Prize

The Team “Potential Patrons” has won the third prize for their idea of Connected Charging which is essentially a way of sharing charging stations.

Special Prize for Technical Innovative Approach

Team “Pearson Spectre” has received the Technical Innovative Approach special prize for their idea LinkedCar which is a solution for car-to-car communication even in remote locations where data connectivity is patchy.

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