Team „TruckChain“ gets awarded with our $5,000 cash prize


“TruckChain” provides a data-driven carrier quality and risk-rating service. #IoT data from the truck is collected with Daimler Fleetboard . Important events like intrusions, off-road situations, route changes are being transferred to their #blockchain, becoming transparent and immutable. Using #blockchain smart contracts they determined risk-rating for carriers, trips and drivers and also enable payment authorization. This way logistic companies can decide which service quality suffices for which kind of shipment. With decision-making based on data, rather than gut-feeling. To re-watch their 60 seconds live-pitch, click here.




With DigitalLife@Daimler we bundle the company-wide digitalization activities at Daimler and initiate new projects and formats to push digital transformation and a new culture of innovation. As a large organization we are sometimes clogged with hierarchical structures or slow decision-making processes. With hackathons we want to break routine by exploring sideways from the standard company structure allowing innovation to occur in an environment where pretty much everything is possible.