“Brightness & Darkness“ in China


How do brightness and darkness fit together? It was a bright, sunny day in the North of Beijing on September 3, 2016. The Chinese word for “hacker” (黑客, hēikè) literally means “dark guest”. Those two elements combined – a sunny, creative location equipped with experts, mentors and coaches together with the 75 “dark guests” as participants from different backgrounds such as students, start-ups and IT aficionados – were exactly the right ingredients for an exciting 26-hour coding challenge.

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Winning Teams

1st Prize

The winning team “LinkTravel” developed LinkGuide - a next generation vehicle purchase service. Their vision is to set up “smart cards” for dealerships. Using NFC technology, customers can know more about the car, with collecting the specific information they are interested on their smartcard. Mercedes can understand more about customer needs via understanding consumer behaviors through big data.

2nd Prize

Team “B点战队 – B Dian Zhan Dui” won the second prize for their idea of using blockchain to enable precise & dynamic ownership of the car, in order to make it possible for everyone to have a Mercedes-Benz in a market like China.

3rd Prize

The Team "镜界/boundary" has won the third prize for their idea of an experience space design – VR room. It can be placed in museums, showrooms, auto shows, various brand related scenes. Their goal is to provide a new way to interact with the products and be immersed in it. 

Best Team Award

The Best Team Award went to “朕的地球科学发展观 – Zhen de Diqiu Ke Xue Fa Zhan Guan”, their idea is to link Mercedes – Benz cars to one of the stars in the sky, so called “start dust”, and using web & app to link all “start dust” users. 

The Geekiest Team Award

This special award was given to the team “小西门鹅腿 – Xiao Xi Men E Tui“. The idea is to have a VR showroom, so that customers can easily experience the Mercedes Benz cars – especially the functions that can’t be easily tested on the road.

Gallery Part 2


Management Review

Hubertus Troska
Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, responsible for Daimler Greater China

“Our Chines customers in particular are truly ‘always on’. From them, the connectivity of our cars and the customer experience is crucial. This makes digitalization a key success factor for Daimler Greater China. We want the best digital talents on board to further strengthen our position in the world’s largest automotive market.”

Marc Lampe
Chief Information Officer of Daimler at Daimler Greater China

“Following Hackathons in the United States and Germany, we are now continuing the journey in China. Hackathons give talented people an insights into our company, while we benefit from an external perspective and further innovative ideas related to e-commerce.”



With DigitalLife@Daimler we bundle digitalization activities at Daimler to push and initiate digital transformation across all divisions at Daimler.

Our goal is to establish a new culture of innovation to combine the strenghts of Daimler with the strengths of startups: more founding spirit, more risk-taking and more speed. Therefore, events like hackathons are very important for us as we bring our digital interactions with students and professionals to the next level. In addition, it gives talented people insights into our company, while we benefit from external perspectives and innovative ideas.




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