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World premiere at the IAA 


The first Hackathon at the IAA in Hannover took place on the 26th and 27th of September. 9 teams had 24 hours to develop their ideas within the transportation industry. Whereas sleep was scarce, the number and quality of ideas was impressive. In the end the teams even managed to come up with first prototypes of their ideas, which made Hack.IAA to a true success story. In sum our third Hackathon definitely confirms the assumption that all good things go by three.

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Winning Teams

Van Prize

Team “Leben am Limit” got the Van prize with their idea of additional bus services. Not only flexible bus-stops and premium tickets, but also drones for the transportation of shopping bags was the result of their work at the Hackathon in Hannover.

1st Prize / Truck Prize

By developing a first version of their ChatBot, team “RoadBot” won the truck prize, as well as the special prize – a trip to the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. The idea was to increase the efficiency of companies in the logistics industry and to enhance customer loyalty. By simply communicating via voice with the ChatBot, a driver can get necessary information like the temperature in his storage, details about the next order or his current position. Furthermore, it enables a simplified communication to the fleet manager. A main advantage of this idea is that it is based on already existing and thus only requires minimal effort for implementation. 

Bus Prize

The prize sponsored by Bus went to team "Oktoberfest". Within 24 hours they tried to make a bus ride more pleasant. By simplified payment systems, a user-friendly booking system and entertainment during the bus tour, they revealed potential fields for the bus industry. 

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Management Review

Harald Rudolph
Head of Daimler Strategy, Daimler AG

“The IAA 2016 shows the innovation power of Daimler and highlights the importance of digitalization for commercial vehicles. With inspiring and unconventional formats like hackathons we generate new ideas, search the exchange with students and take them on the journey of digital transformation at Daimler.”







With DigitalLife@Daimler we bundle digitalization activities at Daimler to push and initiate digital transformation across all divisions at Daimler.

Our goal is to establish a new culture of innovation to combine the strenghts of Daimler with the strengths of startups: more founding spirit, more risk-taking and more speed. Therefore, events like hackathons are very important for us as we bring our digital interactions with students and professionals to the next level. In addition, it gives talented people insights into our company, while we benefit from external perspectives and innovative ideas.




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