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Team Spirit and Collaboration

We have kicked off our global DigitalLife Hackathon Series in Germany on April 8/9, with the two focus areas “health & mobility” and “smart home & mobility”.

How do health and mobility fit together? Will autonomous cars become moving fitness rooms? How do smart homes communicate with our cars? At Hack.Stuttgart, around fifty students worked on their ideas and prototypes in a creative, but nonetheless focused setting. The aim of the intense two-day session for coders and programmers was to develop innovative ideas within 24 hours and verify their potential with the jury. Prior to the event, special hardware kits with an impressive array of microcontrollers, sensors and other equipment had been sent out to the ten teams, so that they could familiarize with some of the tools and the hardware.

Fun with coding, perseverance, team spirit and little sleep are part of the program. During the whole event, the participating teams interacted with each other and with the Daimler experts and mentors in a mutually reinforcing, collaborative mindset. Some of the teams found additional team members on the DigitalLife Campus Forum in the run-up to the event – also in the case of the winning team: the five team members got know know each other online, met for the first time on day one of Hack.Stuttgart and delivered a great performance during the two days. 

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  • 50 students
  • 10 teams
  • 7 nationalities
  • 24 hours of Hacking
  • 10 Intel Edison boards
  • 30 microcontrollers
  • 780 vital data and IoT sensors
  • 1200 cables and connection pieces
  • more than 2000 Lego Parts …

... and ...

  • 10 Brilliant Ideas!

Winning Teams

1st Prize

The winning team “Inceptor” developed an Infotainment manager to provide distraction management and prevents accidents by utilizing data from the driver’s vital signs and surroundings. For example messages and calls will be held back from the driver until the situation allows it and his/her stress level goes down.

2nd Prize

Team “LifeGuard” won the second prize for their idea of measuring the vitals of the driver and providing corresponding solutions. For example, it provides automatic emergency maneuvers in the situation of micro sleep, cramps or other problematic incidents.

3rd Prize

The Team “RoadJoy” has won the third prize for their idea of measuring the stress level of the driver and co-drivers and suggesting the appropriate driving behavior.

Special Prize for Smart Home

Team “Alpha” has received the Smart Home special prize for their App which could be used for remote observing mobile homes/caravans/old-timer cars (e.g. humidity in the car, proximity alert).

China Award

This special award was given to the team “MOBILHOME”. Their idea of saving energy via linking smart home and electric cars, analyze the energy consumption to best usage has seen with potential for countries like China.

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Management Review

Anke Kleinschmit
Head of Corporate Research & Sustainability

“So many exciting ideas have been created here. This project won because it solves a day-to-day issue, by preventing accidents caused by stress or distraction”, said Anke Kleinschmit. “The digitalization also affects the topics vitality and fitness, and we have so many new opportunities to integrate it in the car. In the future you can do muscle training for example when you are stuck in traffic, take a powernap by the push of a button or simply measure your vital signs in the car.” 

Wilko Stark
Head of Strategy

“It’s very impressive to see how the students ‘live’ digitalization. They’ve developed new approaches and ideas with huge potential in just 24 hours. That’s an indication that there are well-trained and talented programmers here in Germany – we just have to find them. And that’s exactly one of the aims of Daimler when doing hackathons“, said Wilko Stark.







With DigitalLife@Daimler we bundle digitalization activities at Daimler to push and initiate digital transformation across all divisions at Daimler.

Our goal is to establish a new culture of innovation to combine the strenghts of Daimler with the strengths of startups: more founding spirit, more risk-taking and more speed. Therefore, events like hackathons are very important for us as we bring our digital interactions with students and professionals to the next level. In addition, it gives talented people insights into our company, while we benefit from external perspectives and innovative ideas.




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