Connecting Cars, Students and Employees at the IAA Frankfurt


With 65 international students participating and hacking throughout the night, all tackling the challenge of shaping future mobility, the event connected digital enthusiasts, Daimler employees and cars in a creative atmosphere. Connectivity was also the focus topic of this year’s hackathon. Based on Car-2-X Communication and Artificial Intelligence the aim was to create apps, add-on services or digital service platforms related to the connected car and its digital ecosystem.

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Winning Teams

smart Prize

Team “MCI+Simon” received the smart prize for its chatbot-based Mercedes-Benz X–Class configurator. Based on IBM Bluemix and Artificial Intelligence, customers can chat with a virtual assistant who configures the car based on the customer’s wishes. This allows a more intuitive and user-friendly way of configuring a vehicle.

1st Prize

The first prize, a trip to the Web Summit in Lisbon, was sponsored by DigitalLife@Daimler and went to the guys from “HD Vision deep”. Showing deep knowledge on Artificial Intelligence, they developed a unique prototype which is able to detect live traffic data and the urban surrounding. This enables further connectivity and mobility services, such as flexible pick-up points for public transport or maps showing available parking spaces.

moovel prize

The prize sponsored by moovel went to team “Air Key”. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence their prototype unlocks a smart by facial recognition. They achieved the incredible performance of scanning unique facial characteristics within only 24 hours.

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With DigitalLife@Daimler we bundle digitalization activities at Daimler to push and initiate digital transformation across all divisions at Daimler.

Our goal is to establish a new culture of innovation to combine the strenghts of Daimler with the strengths of startups: more founding spirit, more risk-taking and more speed. Therefore, events like hackathons are very important for us as we bring our digital interactions with students and professionals to the next level. In addition, it gives talented people insights into our company, while we benefit from external perspectives and innovative ideas.




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